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The Vondlescope is a Eurorack format CRT Analog X-Y oscilloscope paired with an NTSC analog monitor.

The Scope Details

The scope maintains a fully analog signal path - taking signals into the inputs and feeding an amplified signal into the deflection coils of the CRT, which then bends the electron beam on the display. Unlike digital LCD based systems, this means there is no "refresh rate" or latency associated with visualizing the signal. The same signal that is going to your ears is bending the light and shows on the display.

There are 2 primary modes you can choose from "Time-Y" and "X-Y". In "Time-Y" there is a time knob that controls the speed of the beam from left to right, which enables you to see a waveform plotted against time. An optional trigger function allows for holding the position of a wave in the same spot on the display. "X-Y" mode allows you to send signals to both the X and Y axes to plot them against one another. All inputs are buffered, sent to the outputs, then buffered again before going to the scope to prevent interference on the signals.

The Monitor Details

The monitor is an analog NTSC black and white monitor. It is turned 90º on it's side to fit it in the eurorack format. The video signal is also buffered and sent back out to prevent any interference and to ensure the signal is full-strength going to any other output you wish.

Tinted Screen Protectors

Each unit comes with 5 different color (red, green, blue, yellow and orange) acrylic screen protectors that tint the display to your liking. The standard black and white looks great too!


How to Get One

The price will be $350 USD and I have parts to make about 100 units only. The Vondlescope is still in development, but I will be taking good faith $35 deposits to reserve a spot in line. I'm assembling these myself, and once a unit is ready I'll reach out for the balance and send it out. I expect to be shipping the first products before the end of 2022.

Stay In Touch

I'll be updating my Instagram page (@vondle_synths) regularly with patches, tests & development updates. If you can, follow me there. I will also keep this page updated when development milestones are hit.

I think this little module is pretty fun and I can't wait so see what you all do with it too!

To put down a $35 deposit you can email me:

(Looking for my Teenage Engineering POM-400 Matrix kit? You can find that here.)

Color Screen Protectors

Demo Videos

Showing Time-Y mode, and the monitors, paired with a Critter and Guitari Video Scope and a Waveblitter

Showing off X-Y Mode, using my Vondle Matrix equipped Teenage Engineering POM-400 and a Doepfer A-110-4 Thru Zero Quadrature VCO